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  光引发长链正构烷烃多氯代反应机理与动力学_电子/电路_工程科技_专业资料。Chinese J.Chem.Eng.,12(5)647—651(2004) Mechanism and Kinetics of Polychlorination of Long Chain

  Chinese J.Chem.Eng.,12(5)647—651(2004) Mechanism and Kinetics of Polychlorination of Long Chain 佗一Alkanes by Photo.Initiation YI Lingmin(玲敏),ZHAN Xiaoli(詹晓力)+and CHEN Fengqiu(陈,丰秋) Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310027,China Abstract a Based on the mechanism analysis of the polychlorination of Iong by on chain n—alkanes by photo-initiation, kinetic model was developed.The intensity and influences of luminous model parameters were obtained concentration of molecular chlorine intensity a wide the method the of non.1inear rate of p01ychlorination fitting.The are demon. luminous strated by the model.If the luminous molecular effect on is adequate.the polychlorination rate range of n-atkane is only controlled by the flow rate of intensity have less chlorine in the of temperature.and the changes of temperature and reaction agree rate.In very well addition,the predictions of chlorine content of p01ychlorinated n.alkane calculated with the model with experimental results. chain Keywords kjnetics photochlorination,polychlorination,photo-initiation,chlorination,long n—alkanes,mechanism, 1 INTRoDUCTIoN rine were industrial materials.n—Alkane was purified Radical chlorination of hydrocarbons with molec— ular chlorine is a common industrial process,which can by passing through columns of activated carbon and 0.3 A molecular sieve.Liquid molecular chlorine was used directly after vaporiz

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